One thing I have always loved is books! Growing up, I always wanted a house big enough to have my own personal library. Currently, I have more books than I can fit into my 2-bedroom apartment, but that will not deter my love of books. Something else I have always wanted to do is write something about each book I have ever read. So here is my first attempt.

Heart of a Warrior by Johnna Lindsey. I just finished this book two nights ago. For me, this book is a page turner. Years ago I read another book by the same author and it turns out to be the story of the parents of this books characters. I realized this before the end of chapter 1. Obviously, Ms. Lindsey’s books stay in my memory and that is a good sign.

This is not my usual style of book. I am not interested in space travel or any story line that is sci-fi. However, the story of Brittany and Dalden is worth the read. The description of the places and events make the story come alive and really makes me think if something like this could ever happen in the far off future. The story talks about medical advancements and technological advancements our society can only dream of today. Books that spark the imagination are priceless!

The story also nudges at the childish little girl inside me that wants to believe love conquers all, including space travel and living on other planets to be with the man of your dreams. I wish the description of the characters themselves was as riveting as the surroundings. I did not really connect with the lead characters in this novel, but overall, it is well written and I will definitely read it again.

After a stressful week of dealing with sick kids, annoying math homework, broken car and trying to balance the budget, reading this was a wonderful way to escape the dreary mood I was in and find my smile again.  Everyone was sleeping and I had the couch and comfy lap blanket to myself.  This book was great company for the evening!