Dishes, laundry, dusting, sweep & mop, vacuum, take out garbage & recycling, make beds, wash windows, clean the entry way closet again, dishes, balance checkbook, pay bills, and did I mention dishes?

I am so overwhelmed! I do not even know where to start. Our apartment complex was built before dishwashers became standard. Therefore, I am the dishwasher and I hate it. At least 4 loads a day-by hand-and there are always more waiting for me when I wake up in the morning. Laundry, I wash & dry & fold. They argue about putting it away. Often times, it ends up waiting until I put it away for them or it ends up back in the dirty pile to be washed again for no reason. If I say something about it, I am being mean and ruining their lives. If I say something to the husband, I am nagging him.

My little brats are to lazy to put away their breakfast dishes. Instead, they are still sitting on the table waiting for me to clean up the mess. Thanks girls! Mom loves you. And sometimes I hate your behavior.

I just do not want to do anything anymore. I live in my sweat pants. I want to sit on the couch in a dark room and watch TV. I want to do nothing! Why can’t I clean later? They do not do chores when asked. They will not pick up unless I yell at them or take away their electronics. So why do I have to do it now? Everything can wait until later. The dishes can wait until they are hungry. Then they will have to wash them first. The laundry can wait until they need clean clothes. Then they can put away what I wash.

Oh! Wait. I have already tried that. His answer has been to just order pizza and leave the mess for the next day when he is at work and they are in school. No clean socks? Not a problem according to my girls. They just go to school without socks.

I do not want to get up and do anything. They ignore me. I only exist if they want something or need something. This is pathetic. Asking for two weeks for the girls to clean their bedroom. The result was I spent five hours cleaning it for them yesterday. And now it looks like it has been hit with a bomb! A complete toy and book explosion from wall to wall. I just want to be as lazy as they are. Only problem is, someone has to clean the mess.

My older two girls want to bake cookies with me. I tell them later. They want to play a game with me. I tell them later. They ask when later? When you listen and do your chores. Last night, I baked cookies by myself. The only games I play are on my phone, by myself. And I get to do their chores because they do not want to. Where did I go wrong?Placeholder Image