I am doing it again. My skin looks like hell. Oily, breaking out and dull. My hair is becoming frizzy. I lack energy and get tired easily. As my depression rears its ugly head in overdrive, I stop taking care of myself. I do not care what I look like or how I feel.

To pull myself out of this funk, I drink a glass of water for each cup of coffee and for each half can of soda. I remove one can of soda from day and replace it with cranberry juice spiked with a little 7UP. None of this cranberry cocktail junk either. Real cranberry juice only.Placeholder Image

My water glass sits in front of the coffee pot, requiring me to move it each time I want to refill my mug with that hot, delicious nectar of life. It makes me drink water before my coffee. I hate it. There are times I am tempted to shatter my water glass just to make it move. The reduced amount of caffeine in my body triggers my migraines into overload. Currently, my head is in a vice grip of pain inducing double vision and blurred edges. The highlight is my balance is now completely off and I stagger at times. Want to join me?

These horrid side affects only last four or five days. The other side affects last little longer. My skin breaks out even worse and I my whole body sweats grease. No amount of showers makes this dirty, oil-slick feeling of my skin go away. My body is purging all the nasty, gross toxins that have been storing up while my mind wrecks havoc on my life.

The upside to all of this is that after about two weeks, my clothes fit better, my skin looks wonderful and I will be sleeping better. My migraines will downgrade to just strong headaches and I will be able to eat without getting an upset stomach. I feel better at this point. And I ride this wave until the next time the black storm clouds start rolling again.