via Daily Prompt: Mope

When things in life do not go my way, I mope. I do not respond well to failure or destructive critism.  Yesterday, I spent hours trying to clean the kitchen. After dinner it was destroyed. It happens when cooking and feeding three children.

Looking at the new mess in front of me made me feel sad. The result is I moped. My oldest was in charge of dinner clean up. The only chore she had all day. She washed about 10 dishes and called it done. I had explained that I needed help. I explained to my whole family that I needed help and they need to spend time cleaning the kitchen. By ignoring my words and ignoring me, my mood plummeted. Mope is a good word to describe me last night.

Everyone will mope from time to time. We sulk over missed opportunities or mistakes we realize to late. That is part of human nature. I see nothing wrong with it. I do have a problem with people causing the hurt that throws another person into a dejected world of misery. Especially when the words “just get it over” are now hurled at the injured person.