We all know daycare is a major factor in the positions we work, the hours we work and the amount of pay we accept from a company. I will never understand people who work jobs when they have no daycare. Most daycares are Monday through Friday (in my area). They close by 6:30 p.m. each day. For in-home daycares, the hours are more limited. If you decided to work a job that requires you to be there nights and weekends, then be expecting daycare problems.

For years, I worked only nights and weekends. My husband was home during those hours. He worked days and I was home with the girls. In this case I am lucky. I know a single mom of a young child. She will only work nights and weekends. Due to the cash tips she has the potential to make, these jobs appeal to her. It is a guarantee that she can leave work with some amount of cash in her pocket each shift. She has lost three jobs this year alone because of calling in due to no babysitter. Yes, the father should step up, but it will be a cold day in hell before that happens.

Every time she is offered a day job working normal daycare hours, she declines. She does not want to work days, she wants more flexibility in the mornings and she wants to leave work with cash in pocket each day. From my perspective, she wants to live more like she has no children. She clings to the night life of her single days.

If you are going to work nights and weekends, then be prepared to hire a professional nanny and pay the price. This is not a financial option for her. An in-home nanny in my area makes between $300-$400 a week. That is basically the same as her weekly take home pay. She would be left with nothing, not one cent. And if the nanny must also clean up, take care of the pets and help with potty training, their price just went up. In the end, she would pay more than what she earns to have a nanny. She has no reliable daycare or babysitter.

It is completely unrealistic to expect someone to babysit for you every weekend. People have lives of their own, jobs of their own and sometimes families. Most people like to enjoy their weekends if they are not working their own jobs. For the same amount of money I would earn working fast food, she wants someone to guarantee every weekend at her home. Before I had children, I would not have taken the job. I would not have promised to give up every weekend to babysit. Yes, I would have helped one weekend every so often, but no promises beyond that. Now that I have my own family, I most definitely cannot be there.

The reality is, if you work non-traditional hours, be expecting and willing to pay the extra monetary price of doing so. People do love you and people do care about you. You are the one who had a child. You are the one who must adjust your lifestyle and make changes. That means working jobs you may not like. Working in a new field during regular daycare hours. After having children, each parent must adjust their lifestyle and their employment. Stop moping!