via Daily Prompt: Marathon

We all run a daily marathon in our lives. Work, school, kids, family, husbands, friends, and on and on and on. We are on the go morning, noon and night. My husband sleeps with his phone because he cannot be parted from it.

For so many people life is more like a triathlon. Because people are trying to do numerous things all at once without stopping. Take me for instance. I am great at starting something, terrible at finishing anything. I started the laundry, dishes, vacuuming and tomorrows dinner prep. None of it is finished!

I run from one child to the next, sometimes two at once. Trying to brush two heads of hair at the same time while one is standing on my and the other is leaning against my leg yelling at her little sister is…interesting. Run from this school IEP meeting to the next, then run home to make dinner. Leave instructions when to pull dinner out of oven-and hope they leave me some-then off and running to this child’s Wednesday night activity or this Tuesday night volunteer activity. Do not forget to pay this weeks bills and remind the husband he needs to get the oil changed on his car tomorrow.

Can I run away yet? How about just a hot cup of coffee, enjoyed in relaxing quiet?