via Daily Prompt: Oversight

You say it like it is a bad thing! Some call it micromanaging, I call it oversight to ensure the task at hand actually gets done. Like Dad always said, “there is a right way, a wrong way and my way”.

Prime example and the bane of my daily life at home. Take care of your own dishes! This is me: Who’s cup is on my desk? Whose water bottle is on the floor? I know someone is going to pick up this popcorn bowl from my living room floor! Why are dirty dishes left on my kitchen table?

What my family hears is: nag, nag, nag!!

Clean laundry is to be put away. And yes, there is a specific way to do this. There is also a certain way laundry is to be washed and folded. The list goes on and on. I prefer to think of it as overseeing the future generation and educating them. I refuse to do their laundry after they move out.