The stress of moving takes a toll on the entire family. The children must adjust to a new school and make new friends. The husband has a much longer commute to work and misses out on more family time. The daily routines are up in the air and no one seems to know what is going on. Boxes, boxes, everywhere!

And then me. Overwhelmed, overworked, under appreciated and exhausted. What I would not give to sleep through one night and just wake up naturally on my own. Keep dreaming. My new kitchen is wonderful! I have been cooking up a storm and then getting stuck with all the dishes. Each time I open a box, I must stop to entertain the toddler. Thus, unpacking takes three times as long as it should.

Overall, the place is coming together. The furniture is set up and sort of arranged. It will take time to get everything in place. Each box we sort through is like a treasure chest. No one knows what we will find. This is the result of the girls “helping” to pack. During the course of unpacking, I have compiled three boxes to be sent to the thrift store. And the recycling bin is constantly overflowing.

The girls are bored and want attention. Half of their toys are still packed. All of their games are still lost in the mountain of boxes we have stacked against one wall in the living room. I can only find one pair of my jeans, but I have managed to find almost all of their clothing. Hmmm….typical mom style.