Frustration and aggravation!! Right now, my emotional responses to life are interfering with my ability to think logically. But I just cannot help it. I am so angry!!!

How can it be logical to fire an employee for being sick and calling into work? Why do companies expect employees to be robots instead of admitting that they are human beings with all of the complexities that go hand-in-hand with being mortal?

Currently, there is something nasty going around. Hacking cough, trouble breathing, wheezing, sleep problems, body aches; but mainly trouble breathing. Two of my daughters have it and now they both have to use a nebulizer machine multiple times a day in order to breath. My oldest is getting worse and my youngest starts wheezing every time she runs. People in my neighborhood have the same thing. People at my daughter’s school. Every time I check my fb, another person I know is coming down with the same thing. Now, it is getting worse and at least three people I know are in the hospital because of whatever this is. The coughing is so bad, my niece started coughing up blood and her nose randomly started to bleed. And she had to call in sick to work again.

This is the part that ticks me off to no end. Dear bosses of the world, if your employee is sick as a dog and on the way to the hospital, do NOT threaten their job or write them up!!!!! Employers today  have the most unrealistic expectations of their employees. People get sick and that is a fact of life. Why would any company add the stress of possible firing to a persons life when they are sick and just want to get well?

When I worked, even if I was sick, I usually went into work anyways. That was my choice. On several occasions, I decided to stay home because my doctor provided a note excusing me from work. On these occasions my boss always had something negative to say. Once I was asked if I even valued my job and I should consider that question before I called in sick.

I see it all the time. People in my life work for numerous different companies, each with its own attendance policy. And the people in my life all deal with the same bottom line problem: you are not allowed to get sick, not allowed to miss work, not allowed to put your children or family first, not allowed to be an actual person. You must be a machine, solely dedicated to your job. And companies seriously cannot figure out why they get such negative reviews?

There is a difference between an employee that is constantly missing work and another employee that almost never misses work and on the rare occasions they do, they are legitimately sick. They prove this with a doctor’s note, possibly a Rx for meds, and they still came to work when they first started to feel ill. If the boss had paid any attention to them, they would have seen with their own eyes that the employee was getting sick. See the difference? See how it would be possible to adjust to someone being truly ill versus a lazy employee that just does not want to come to work?

Yes, I understand the problems companies face when employees miss work without notice. However, I also understand the consequences of not taking care of yourself when you are sick. Been there, done that. Example: At age 23, I was a mom, wife, college student and worked about 30 hours a week at a bar. I was not feeling well. I told myself that it was the wrong time to get sick. Finals week had just started and I was schedule extra hours at the bar because someone had quit. Just make it through until Thursday night. This was the mantra repeating in my head all week. A co-worker was upset because I was at work sick, yet she would not take any of my shifts for that week. Finally, all exams were completed, my daughter was at home with her father, my Thursday night shift was over (at 2 a.m. Friday morning) and I drove myself to the local E.R.

My lungs had a “large amount of fluid” in them (to quote the nurse), my temp was 104.7, I could not remember the last time I ate or drank anything, could not remember the last time I had urinated, and was in the process of losing my voice from all the coughing. The hospital threatened to give me an ice bath!!! I had pneumonia, step throat and a double ear infection. The doctor spoke to me like I was stupid and told me that ignoring my health was dangerous and I could have died. This is when I had to explain that it was finals week and that my job did not work with employees that called in sick.

Here is the real kicker. By the time I returned home from the E.R., my husband was angry because he was going to be late for work. Even after explaining where I had been and showing him my discharge papers, he was still blaming me. I wish he would have stayed home that day to take care of our daughter. Instead, he went to work complaining about me. And I was scheduled to work that night as well. Do you think I called in sick?