There are some days that as a parent that I just do not care. Today is one of those days. Dishes are piled up because no one seems to know how to operate the kitchen sink besides myself. Clean clothes have been sitting in baskets for two days because I have not hounded anyone to put their stuff away. The bathroom is a mess and the floors need to be vacuumed. Top it all off, I am drained and sick.

Trying to help my girls get ready for school today was a challenge. My ears are itchy and feel clogged up. Thus, hearing them became the challenge. When they asked me a question, I struggled to hear them. I could not understand the words and could not meet their needs. My oldest felt so bad for me, she took the garbage bin out to the curb for me on her way to the bus stop. It is not even her week to worry about it, but she still just did it for me. I would give her extra hugs, but I am deciding to keep my icky germs to myself.

Moms do not get sick days. I still have lunch to make, dinner to cook, cleaning to do, emails waiting for responses, a toddler to entertain, a cat that is demanding attention, a checkbook to balance and errands to run. I slept almost 11 hours last night and I still want a nap. Thanks girls for bringing home whatever is going around your school. There are some things you should NOT share, like germs!!!

I hate being sick. I am whinny, fussy, mean, angry, tired, moody and lazy. I want to curl up on the couch and sleep. I want everyone else to be responsible and let me do nothing. Most things that adults deal with do not truly bother me. Being sick and being a mom and an adult bothers me. After all, I am human. I deserve the chance to rest and try to get well.

So today is a day that I will stay in my sweats all day, not bother to care about my appearance, let my toddler watch as many cartoons as she wants and dinner will be leftovers that can be warmed up in the microwave. Maybe if I am lucky, someone else will do the dinner dishes for me tonight. Nap time cannot come soon enough today.