Forgive me, but I must rant!

Seriously people! How hard is it to actually read, research, ask questions and then form an opinion?!! How difficult is it to actually look up the definition of a word and use it correctly?!

Growing up, I would ask my dad how to spell a word or what a word meant. He always gave me the same answer, “look it up”. My vocabulary surpassed his own by the time I was eleven and I had also stopped asking him because I already knew what he would tell me.

Tonight, as I was reading an online discussion board that I am part of, the topic was about a chemist who was quoted while discussing chemophobia. If you do not know what this word means, please locate your closest dictionary or online search engine. Ladies and gentlemen, a phobia is a fear!

First, I wish the name of the chemist was provided in the discussion material so I could look up further information. Second, I wish more information about the interview was provided so I could have more contextual understanding of his quote. We were discussing the chemical additives in food that are allowed here in the United States, but are banned in the EU, Canada, Germany and Norway. The chemist in question was quoted as saying, “the list of dangerous chemicals is an example of chemophobia.”

Multiple members of the discussion board are commenting that the chemist meant to say he thinks we should only eat organic foods and that chemicals are bad. Am I missing something? Did everyone else get more information about the interview than I did? No where was organic food mentioned in our reading. And calling something a phobia means you are saying that people are afraid of it. Fear of chemicals. How can this be interpreted as the chemist saying that chemical additives in food are bad? He is referring to chemical additives being labeled and banned as dangerous. Because they are labeled as dangerous, then they must  be something to fear. I am so confused!

The list of chemicals is not important in this blog. They are all highly debatable, science still has not found every answer to the questions people are asking, and more research needs to be done. The part that is driving me insane is the blatant lack of attention or effort. One member even wrote that she had not thought about looking up the definition of the word because she did not think it was important! How can anyone not find this important?! If you do not know the word, then yes, it is important to look it up. Especially if you are part of a discussion board with the weekly focus on the word! Ok, the focus is on the quote containing the word, but I think I have made my point.

Dad, as you watch over me from heaven, know that I still reach for the dictionary as often as I can because I already know what you would tell me. Thank you for instilling this practice in me. Know that I did hear you as a child, even when I did not want to. Know that I tell your granddaughters the same thing and they do not like it anymore than I did at that age. And know that I love you for teaching me as a child.