As I was cruising down the highway late the other night, I realized I could I never be a cop. I have a lead foot and like to speed. So, of course, while I was driving I realized I was doing 78 in a 65 mph zone. Oops!

Police are supposed to stop motorists and issue tickets for speeding. Unless someone was driving faster than 90 mph, I would not do it. One thing I would write tickets for all day long is failing to signal. It is called a turn signal for a reason people!!! Huge pet peeve of mine is when people who never use their blinkers. If I were a cop, I would show no mercy during traffic stops for failing to use a blinker. Ticket each and every time!

Police also have to respond to domestic disputes. I have absolutely zero tolerance for domestic violence. It should never happen, for any reason. If you are that angry with another person, just walk away. Calm down, leave the house, figure something out. I don’t care what you do, just NO violence. If I were a cop and had to respond to domestic violence calls, I would end up being arrested. I know my temper and my attitude problem. Please believe me when I say I would be the next person to become violent. Growing up, my dad always told us four children not to hit. He said if anyone wanted to hit or be violent, we had to go see him.

Anytime one of you feels big enough and bad enough to take a swing, go right ahead. Just make sure it is the best you got. Afterwards, there will only be two hits; me hitting you and you hitting the wall. -Dad

About a week ago, my eldest two daughters started shoving each other. I snapped on them and said, ” anyone wants to shove, push and hit, can come see me. Remember, I hit back.” They became eerily silent and were nice to each other for the rest of the day. Nothing physical has happened between them since. I feel I must explain that my oldest is a blue belt in karate and her younger sister can drop her to the floor in less than 60 seconds. No different than one of my older sisters. She had 10 plus years experience in self defense training, and I could bring her to the floor in under 45 seconds.

Police are not allowed to become physical with anyone unless it is for a legally justifiable reason. I would struggle with this. And most likely be arrested and fired from my job in very short order. My natural instinct is to defend someone when I see them being assaulted. Dad told me that people who stand by and watch someone get beat up are just as bad as the person doing the beating and they should be charged as well.

While thinking about all the things police deal with, drug dealers, gangs, violence, rape victims, trying to arrest people while struggling with lawyers, trying to uphold the law when there are so many gray areas in the law, etc. All of these things would drive me insane! I would be miserable in this career.

To be cop, I believe a person must have an endless amount of sympathy, grit, determination, compassion and respect for all people in their community. Police must also be highly intelligent and motivated. Police must have a love and passion for their chosen profession and see all the good things the world has to offer. If they do not, how can they ever survive through all the negative, nightmarish situations they find themselves in? A good police officer can never develop a callus attitude towards people, otherwise they will stop caring about the communities they serve. I already lack sympathy towards others. Thanks to years of working customer service, I already have a callus that blocks people out.

The list of reasons why I believe I could never be a cop is endless. These are just the first thoughts that pop into my head about the subject. One of my uncles (R.I.P.) was a sheriff in a small town during the 1970s. He did not talk about it much, but what he did tell me is that not all cops are good at their job and they should find another career. He said you must love people and believe in peace in order to be truly effective at your job and help your community. I do not think anyone could explain to a 10 year old any better than he did.

I loved the police in my old neighborhood. I took the time to get to know them. Because of my previous job, I had to work with them regularly. They always took the time to answer questions. They always took me seriously when I called to report something odd. On one summer afternoon, I called to report a car in the parking lot that looked out of place. People kept going from inside the building, to the trunk of the car, then back inside of the building. It went on for over an hour. So I called the police and they came to my apartment complex. Turns out it was drug dealing. People were arrested, others were trespassed from the property and the tenant in question was evicted. Drugs were against the lease and grounds for eviction. I loved how the police showed up and dealt with the whole situation. If I were the cop, I would have lost my temper. There were young children playing in the parking lot. Some of them were special needs children with mental delays. Drugs never should have been around them. I would have charged all of those people with endangering the welfare of a child. No idea if that is legally allowed, but I still would have tried it.

I support all the people who decide to become police officers. I just know that I could never be one of them.