This weekend was long. On occasions, I will say “thank heavens it is Monday”. Today is one of those occasions.

Our oldest spent the weekend on grounding. No electronics of any kind, extra chores, no hanging out with friends or bike riding. Turns out she had a meltdown at school, screamed at her teacher and used tons of profanity. Then she lied to us about completing her homework throughout the week. Guess who spent the majority of her weekend with her head in a textbook. This is the second homework problem we have had in the last month. Not acceptable. D- also expressed to me that she thinks she is fat and needs to get rid of her belly. This is ridiculous!!!!! At the age of 13, she is taller than I am. She is tooth pick skinny and her pediatrician said that if she is going to continue to play sports or join another dance team, she should gain about 5 pounds. Basically, she is so thin that she keeps spraining her ankles and shoulders because she just does not have enough body mass to build muscle. D- has a hyperactive metabolism. She burns everything she eats twice as fast as she should. This makes building muscle extremely difficult for her. The idea is that if she can gain just 5 pounds, she will have a better chance to strengthen her body and avoid future injuries. And here this teenage girl is telling me she thinks she is fat! Oh, honey! The conversation we had about that. There is no way in the world that I am ok with my daughter feeling like something is wrong with her body. If she was overweight, her doctor would say something and help us to correct the problem.

Have you ever spent the weekend with an ADHD 5 year-old that is off her meds? Pray to whatever higher deity you believe in and just hope to survive the tornado that is A-. As parents, we were not thrilled with the idea of using medications to calm our daughter down. Given her behavior and the problems resulting, we agreed to with her doctor to try them out. Yes, there was a world of difference in her behavior and ability to focus while in school. Her teacher lets her stand up while doing work, doesn’t mind if A- starts to dance around for a minute and gives her extra opportunities to speak and share her endless litany of ideas. These actions, paired with the meds, have made a night and day difference in abilities in school. She will actually sit down for 15 minutes solid and try to read to me! This makes me happy. This weekend was a girl scout event for about 50 Daisies. For those that are not sure who the Daisies are, they are grades K-1. That was all kinds of fun! A- loved the event, learned so much about plants and gardens and was able to meet new girls from other troops. She was also bouncing off the walls and would not stop talking. By the end of the 3 hour event, some girls were starting to avoid her because of her being so hyper.

The problems with being on the meds are taking a toll on all of us. They are a controlled substance. Refills are not allowed. This means I have to pull her out of school one day each month and bring her to the doctor for a med check and weight check. She now weighs less than she did on the first day of school this year. She is wearing the same size shirts as her almost 2 year-old sister. She is the smallest kid in class. I am afraid the meds are stunting her growth and I worry about what the consequences will be. Add to the mix, that for a two week time frame, all appointments with the family pediatrician were canceled because the doctor was called away on an emergency. Now that the doctor is back, I am trying to get a new appointment, but the soonest they can see A- is in another two weeks. On the upside, her appetite is back and she is constantly hungry. Just like any normal 5 year old should be.

As for my youngest, she will not sleep through the night no matter what we try. Every night it is the same. She gets out of bed around 1 am, walks into our room and wakes us up. She wants her diaper changed and demands “cuddle”. Q- can say this word very clearly. If her father gets up with her, it is a problem because he has to wake up by 4 am to start getting ready for work. He is so sleep deprived. He has reached the stage of why bother to sleep? As for me, I have horrible insomnia. If Q- wakes me up, I have a hard time going back to sleep. Mornings are rough for me as it is, but this broken sleep pattern makes it even harder. I sleep through my alarm each morning and my oldest has to wake me up.

Between girl scout events, groundings, a toddler that will not sleep at night, still trying to unpack & organize, general chores and running typical weekend errands, I am ready to drop. So I say, thank heavens it is Monday. The two oldest are at school, the youngest is watching her morning cartoons and trying to convince Dora the Explorer to build blocks with her and I am enjoying a quiet cup of coffee.

According to my calendar, this week is busy. Next weekend is booked with tons of activities. The girls have volunteered to help with a bake sale at church next weekend and D- has a choir performance during services on Sunday.

Todays task: make grocery list of needed baking supplies and finish unpacking all baking wear. D- is going to learn how to bake and learn how many dishes must be washed as a result.