Since I cannot sleep for some reason, might as well blog. Over the weekend I actually took time for myself and watched a movie. Pitch Perfect.

I love this movie! It is an awesome comedy. My daughters like to watch it as well. My oldest can sing along with half of the movie. She even tries to mimic some of the choreography. It is cute to watch her do this. This movie has a great cast. The lead character, Becca, is also in another movie that I really like. She has a great range of acting skills. Of course, Rebel Wilson, is awesome! Everyone can laugh during one of her movies. She says my favorite line from the movie. In the scene where she is talking with Bumper during initiation night and talks about kissing. I will not write the line because I do not want to violate any copyrights, but if you have watched the movie, you know the line I am talking about.

Although not rated G, for us, this is a family comedy that we can all watch together. We are not overly strict about movies, so we are fine with our girls watching this kind of comedy.

This movie is great for a night of curling up on the couch, or having a girls only movie night with a bottle of wine. It also makes a great movie to watch after the girls are in bed and I have time with J-. He makes the perfect cuddle bug while watching movies 🙂