I am welcoming another Monday morning with coffee fueled exhaustion. The last week was busy. My oldest had a choir concert at Church over the weekend. She looked fabulous! The youth choir wears black pants and a special purple shirt. Her smile was brilliant, her eyes danced with the music and she was filled with energy. How could she ever look better?

Over the weekend, we had a family gathering. During the first 12 days of April, there are 14 birthdays between his side and my side of the family. And two of our own girls have birthdays during April. One big party to cover it all! Has anyone ever noticed how popular meat & cheese trays are at parties? We always make our own, same with fruit trays. Smashing success!

This year I feel like I failed myself and left my girls down. Each year I bake their birthday cakes. This year, I ran out of time due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts. I had to run to the local grocery store and buy one from their bakery department. My girls loved it, but I feel bad. Baking their birthday cake is something special to me.

J- and I are having a disagreement. A sore subject that we have never agreed on in more than 14 years. We are hardly speaking to each other. Today, I am thinking I might as well start looking for a therapist in my area that accepts my insurance. Obviously I need someone to talk to and help me work through my anger over this. Letting it run rampant is not healthy for any of us. J- is shut down and will not talk about it. This is his typical response when we argue about anything. He avoids conflict no matter what, even if the problems are never resolved and keep coming back. I want resolutions.

The girls are looking forward to Easter. We are going to visit family that day. The younger girls will get to hunt for Easter Eggs. D- will get to hang out with a cousin she has not seen since before Christmas. This cousin lives about 3 hours away. They are the same age and in the same grade. I wish they would just exchange email addresses. Neither one is allowed on social media. J- is looking forward to visiting with everyone. A few people there were missing at the last gathering. He doesn’t say much about it, but he misses his family. It seems like each year, branches of the family are moving farther and farther away. Two years ago was the worst when three of his cousins all graduated from high school together and left for three separate colleges. He is proud of them, yet misses them. He has a large extended family.

Church activities for the girls are still keeping us busy. Lent is almost over, first communion is right around the corner and then rest for a week. A- needs to make a trip to the eye doctor this week. On Friday, she broke the arm of her glasses during recess. Let’s be honest; I am surprised they lasted over a year before they broke. A little tape, and she is good to go until we can be seen. My only response to her was, be more careful in the future. I feel nothing more needs to be said. D- and A- are both working on more girl scout badges at home with me. They have the energy to work on them, just not the focus. The last week was a bad week for potty training. Q- decided to show zero interest in it. This is not like her at all. And she now has a mild diaper rash. Based on her past behaviors like this, I am assuming her last two teeth are trying to come in. She never wants to use the potty when she is teething and she always gets a mild rash. We will try again.

The weekend weather was bright and warm. Of course, all three girls took advantage of this. Toys everywhere in the yard and they decided it was a good idea to dig three big holes in the front yard, next to the sidewalk by the main door. Thanks girls. 😦

Overall, the week was busy. The girls laughed a lot and ran off tons of energy. We were able to spend time with family and enjoy each others company. And my kitchen has not been this cleaned or organized since we moved in. Not a bad week. Now I just need a nap.