Belated Happy Easter to all!

Our girls had a 4 day weekend due to the holiday. We were able to spend time out of town with family. It was worth the drive to see everyone. Grand total, we spent almost 6 hours in the car over the weekend. Now, our eldest two girls are at school for the day. Q- is filled with energy one minute and lethargic the next. She has a low-grade temp and is a drool factory. Another tooth is trying to make an appearance.

I had to make a trip to the ER this past weekend for my back. It locked up so bad, I was not able to walk for the better part of two days. Back to see my primary soon and then off to physical therapy again. I need it. I strongly believe that people with chronic back problems should be in physical therapy each year, no matter what. And insurance can stuff it!

Last week was another busy week for the girls. Between activities and church, they keep both of us adults jumping. Sunday was a great day for an Easter Egg Hunt, put on by the family. It is a tradition for the adults to hide eggs, assign a color to each child and then let them run loose. Good times for all! School is going well for them, although, the complaints about the cafeteria food are steadily growing. And my oldest has become a library critic. Did you know the middle school library is lacking in variety? According to D-, they really should update their selections of authors. She makes me smile:)

J- is already on his way home from work. He woke up sick and still tried to make it through his day. The boss sent him home by threatening to call me. He was fine all weekend, just a little tired. I assumed it was from the amount of overtime he worked last week. J- is not the type to get sick; like ever.

Since it was a holiday weekend, the cleaning and unpacking came to a standstill. We focused on family and trying to have some fun. The girls were so wore out by the end of the weekend. Yesterday was a lazy day for all of us. Even my oldest took a nap yesterday afternoon.

Anyone else have a family tradition for the Easter Holiday?