Found a new documentary! The Student Body. I recommend watching this and then following up with some added research.

Typically, when I watch a documentary, I watch it twice. There is at least one week wait time between the two viewings and I take notes the second time around. Some of these documentaries I have watched too many times to count. My notes keep getting longer!

Just found this one last night. Sometime next week I will watch it again and take notes. Then I will start researching any questions I have. This one takes place in Ohio and is made by a high school student. Her school was requiring BMI (body mass index) for all students. Some students started getting what they called “fat letters” sent home in the mail with report cards. Basically, the schools were sending letters home telling students and families that the children were fat based solely off of their BMI. One student interviewed has a medical condition and she is working with her doctors, yet the school still sent her a “fat letter”. This young girl now had to deal with depression and body image issues. Her parents were also interviewed and they were ANGRY!!!! Of course, I am phrasing their emotions politely.

I cannot imagine getting a letter sent home from the school telling me that I am fat. Or telling me that my daughters are fat. My 13 year old-who is bean poll skinny-is already making comments about her weight and tells me she thinks she is fat. Her doctor said she needs to gain at least 5 pounds if she is going to keep doing sports. I want to know who put this stupid fat idea in her head. I have extremely strong words to share with this person.

Yes, BMI is something to look at. However, it is only one of many things to look at. And it is something best left between a person and their medical health provider. There are so many factors that contribute to a persons overall health, especially the health of growing children. This is one area that schools need to stay out of. My family addresses all weight and health concerns with our MD. Currently, I am waiting for a referral to a dietician to help me with some medical concerns caused by poor nutrition. And I seen my doctor for this, not a school nurse.

Dear public schools, please continue to do basic vision and hearing checks on all students. Please communicate this information with me frequently. For any and all other ‘medical‘ services being offered, please ask for my prior written consent before moving forward. If not, you will have one extremely irate mom in your office with a certified pediatrician on speaker phone. You have been fair warned. And by the way, do not weigh my children in gym class in front of every other student. This makes some people feel uncomfortable. Please respect personal boundaries.

Yes, I will need to see this documentary again. And I already have questions running through my mind. I love the public library 🙂 I can research to my hearts content.