Today is a day to clean and organize. And, oh man! Am I going to pay for it. My back is going to hate me by tonight, but that is a price I am willing to pay.

So far, new e-mails have been checked, the family calendar is updated for the next 8 days, most of the dishes are done, kitchen floor has had a quick broom and mop, main hallway has been de-cobwebbed & vacuumed, the kitty hates me for vacuuming around her litter box, the kitchen table has been scrubbed-thanks for cleaning up after breakfast ladies! I can add several other items to this list, but I will skip it for now.

As part of my organization attempts todays, I have made a list of all errands & shopping to be done. Over the course of the last two weeks, errands are being done in a haphazard manner; often requiring me to make multiple trips out each day. This is causing me problems. We live on the outskirts of town. this means any place we need to go requires a drive and a “quick trip” to town means at least a half hour round trip. And that is just for milk and creamer. An actual shop takes over an hour.

Since the girls are getting overly tired, all children’s activities have been cancelled for this evening. We are on day 4 of rain. They are cooped up and moody. Prolonged periods of rain equals cranky children. Running inside and out for each activity, not being able to really bring all three with me, the rain and cold winds, etc., all make it very difficult to maintain their schedules. Tonight they just need dinner, some video games, bubble baths and early bedtimes. This has usually calmed them down in the past when Mother Nature is not being overly kid friendly. For me, this is my chance to have some time alone to run my errands. The girls look forward to game nights with their dad, so I call this a win-win.

By the time dinner is on the table, my list should be all together and prioritized. It will make my tasks so much faster-I hope. Also, the next several days are shaping up to be extremely busy. I need this jump start to avoid becoming overly exhausted.

I have noticed that just maintaining the general cleaning is allowing the clutter to pile up again. This is a problem for me. My OCD gets triggered, then I become a cranky mom, then depression starts hitting me hard. I have been looking at a site called It is about taking care of yourself and your home/family. So far, I have only briefly scanned the site, but what little bit I have read is giving me ideas. Since my way has obviously not worked well, this is something I am willing to try.

Anyone else have any organizational tips or tricks that work well for busy families? I am open to suggestions.