They say money cannot buy happiness. I call B.S.!! Money just bought me a matching washer and dryer!! And yes! I am happy! 🙂

Some lady in our old neighborhood was selling her machines because she had just upgraded. She said to just make her an offer. We have no connection to her, did not know her when we lived in that area. Yet, she said make an offer, and for just $100, we got these great machines! They are in great shape, too! It was like, “from my family, to yours” type of feeling. Some people are just awesome!

Load number five is in the washer right now. No more trips to the laundromat, no more scheduling outfits a week in advance, no more hunting for quarters. I wonder if people wonder how difficult it is to figure out clean outfits for three girls, when their tastes change every 18 seconds?

Last trip to the laundromat gave A- five pairs of pants and two pairs of leggings to pick from for the week. And the one day she is running the latest to catch the school bus, is the morning when she swears that nothing is clean and she has only ugly clothes to wear. I wanted to bury my head under my pillow and ignore her. Unfortunately, that is not allowed. If she misses the bus, then I must drive her and then my oldest becomes jealous. All of this over a pair of jeans.

I love my new washer & dryer! Things were bad. I was hand washing laundry in the bathtub just to make sure we had enough. Going to the laundromat is costly; bare minimum $28 per trip. That covers the cost of one single load machine for whites and the triple load machine for everything else, plus dryers. Think about it, that is $28 for just four loads of laundry. How far is that really going to go for a family of five? School clothes, towels, the smelly bedding from a leaking diaper, our clothes. His work clothes must be washed separately. That is another $6 for the washer & dryer. And this was twice a week since the beginning of February. So much wasted money!

My girls jumped right in and started helping. They are asking how to sort the laundry, which setting should be used, how to know when it is done. They were waiting for the dryer to stop. Clean laundry was taken care of when it was still warm. Granted, I have zero expectations that these behaviors will last. However, these behaviors are great while they are happening.

It may be a simple pleasure, but it is one I will gladly take.