Was there a full moon this weekend or something? Last week was four days of rain and gray. The girls became cooped up and cranky. We decided to have an early night last Thursday. The girls stayed home with dad, had some video game time with him and went to bed a little early. While I ran some errands and tried to tackle a few projects that I had on my mind. In the past, this course of action has helped to take the edge off. Not this time.

J- came home from work on Friday sick as a dog. His attempt to eat dinner sent him running straight for the bathroom. He spent the rest of the evening and all night alternating between the toilet and being curled up in a heap on the couch. Sometime during the night, he got the shakes and started sweating. By sunrise, he was feeling better and hasn’t had a problem since. The younger two girls would not stop crying. All day! Nothing made them happy, calm, complacent, jovial, content or tolerable. The volume of the TV was too loud, the sun was too bright in only one window, a Barbie toy was on the wrong shelf-this caused a 10 minute long crying jag from Q-. Everyone was so out of sorts, that my anxiety kicked into overdrive. Here is it, Monday morning, and I am still shaking. Nothing is stopping the trembling.

We had a busy weekend. Some how the back door was opened during the middle of the night. Not sure if one of the girls was playing with it or if someone tried to break in. Either way, our cat is now missing and the girls are scared. They think we are not safe. We spent extra time this weekend cleaning up around the house, and of course, doing laundry with my new machines:) The girls had time to run around with friends in the brilliant sunshine we had on Saturday. Still, tensions ran high for some unknown reason. If the girls are in the same room as each other, a screaming match ensues. This continued this morning as well. A- wanted to bring apple sauce to school for her daily snack. D- had already put a granola bar in her backpack for her. When I gave A- the apple sauce to place in her bag, D- started snapping at both of us because she had decided her sister should have a granola bar. Who in the hell is the parent here? And why start an argument over apple sauce? Then D- started ranting about how slow her sister is to eat breakfast, and it is all A- fault that D- runs late each  morning. I reminded her, yet again, that she does not have to sit at the table with her little sister until she is done eating. Finish your own breakfast and get moving. This is just not acceptable. A 6 year old needs to be just as fast as a 13 year old and A- needs to remember that she has to listen to her older sister.

It was way to early for this argument and I was no where near caffeinated enough to deal with this. Guess who gets to deal with cranky children and address acceptable behaviors this afternoon. Sigh-

If J- and I are in the same room, we start snipping at each other. We cannot even look at each other without an argument starting. Last night I was going to make a snack before bed. Trying to be nice, I asked him if he was hungry. He immediately rolled his eyes at me, starting huffing up, told me no, he just wanted to go to bed. His body language was aggressive and the tone of his voice was angry. I started to shake so bad I had to sit down on the edge of the couch. I am sorry I interrupted your video game on your phone. I was only asking a question. I was so shaken up, that I skipped a snack and went to bed hungry last night. There is no explanation for any of this, but I feel uneasy and I do not like it.

Today is going to be another long day. We have a busy family calendar today. But, I am hoping that with the nice weather today, we will have a much calmer afternoon. My nerves are frazzled and I think I just need to rest for a bit.