The battle to unpack and organize continues.

Again, I must give thanks to the lady who sold us our new machines! They have been running since we got them. So much laundry has been done. And bedding, blankets, curtains, pillows, etc. There is only one load left for today and I might just leave it until tomorrow. What’s the rush?

Shared bedroom has been tackled. Me vs. a mountain of toys, heaped on every last square inch of floor, blocking dresser, closet and bunk bed. It was a long, sweaty battle. The dust bunnies gave me a run for my money, however, they were no match for the power of my vacuum. Before the task commenced, I dressed for battle. I knew I must protect my poor tootsies from the attack of the invisible Lego pieces. You know the ones. They cannot be seen while looking at the floor, but mom’s bare feet find every last one of them in the most painful way. Toys have been removed from dresser drawers and clothes are actually folded neatly!

I am really good at starting a project; not so good at finishing it. Today, I finished everything in the shared bedroom that I have wanted to accomplish. The OCD in me is screaming because I feel I should do more. It is trying to convince me that I need to organize each puzzle piece, each Lego, fold the doll clothes. I am trying hard to ignore this voice. If the girls want the doll clothes folded, they can do it themselves.

Routine can be a good thing. So I have been trying to start my days out with coffee, emails, and a few minutes to think about everything on my to-do list. I am limiting myself to short bursts of general cleaning. This means, when I clean the kitchen, it is just a general clean instead of a deep clean. Same with the living room and bathroom. Over the past week I have actually accomplished more this way. I read about this idea someplace, I just cannot remember where. It is taking me longer to truly clean any room, but it is less frustrating and the results are lasting longer. It still goes against the grain, so to speak, but I want to keep trying this approach and see where it leads me.

For the last week, each of the older two girls have been given a list of chores and they have to figure out when and how to accomplish them. I do not want to micromanage them. Ok, I do want to micromanage, but I should not. Self mantra: just breath, they can do it. D- is doing really well with her list. She is struggling with a few points of time management, but please introduce me to a kid who does not. A- on the other hand…we call her monster for a reason. Asking her to make her bed is reason to scream bloody murder.

Today has accomplished a clean bedroom, a box ready to be donated, a full bag of recycling, more laundry was done, floors were vacuumed and most importantly of all: I feel like I actually did something today! I feel accomplished 🙂