It’s raining, it’s pouring! Everybody sing! And stop looking at me like that.

Yes, today is a rainy, stormy day. The forecast calls for storms all day and into tomorrow as well. And yes, my children are walking to the bus stop in the rain. Don’t judge. Please believe me, they will NOT melt.

Growing up, I walked to the bus stop no matter what the weather. In high school, I lived a 10 minute walk to school. This means I walked to school every day, no matter what the weather was. In the worst cold and wind, it only took me 15 minutes to walk. I survived. I did not get sick from walking in the rain or snow. I was never hit by a car. I was not traumatized for life. Get over it and stop looking at me like I am scum. My daughters are not made of sugar. They will survive the rain.

If I were to drive them to the bus stop-which is less than two blocks away-they have to be ready to go. Plus, I have to get dressed and I have to get Q- ready to go. Then I would need to buckle Q- into her car seat, drive less than two blocks, sit around waiting for the bus while Q- is trying to unbuckle herself. Then listen to Q- cry as her sisters get out of the car and she has to stay. Then bring her home and listen to her tantrum because she wants to go bye-bye. I am speaking from experience because I have had to drive them to the bus stop twice since we moved here.

If the weather is decent, I have no objections to walking with them. It gives us all a chance to enjoy the morning, spend a few minutes chatting. Q- loves going for walks in her stroller. I like to touch base with the bus driver. D- has been on special ed busing all her life until now. I like to check on her behavior and make sure she is adjusting to normal busing without a bus para.

Seriously, why do parents feel the need to drive their children to the bus stop? Why is there a need to protect children from Mother Nature? A little rain never hurt anyone. Granted, there are times when the wind chill is dangerously low, and I will start up the car on those mornings. But rain? I guess I will just never understand. Please do not give me dirty looks because I send my children out to catch the bus in the rain. Please keep in mind that for centuries humans have walked in the rain without the world coming to an end.