Who doesn’t love starting their day with a phone call from the school nurse? D- had a panic attack. This meant I had to drop everything and pick her up from school. She is tired, shaky and pale.

First, I am not a fan of standardized testing. Never have been; never will be. I find too many faults with them. Second, I do not agree with schools that schedule three solid weeks of standard testing. And they wonder why so many children are dealing with acute anxiety?! To quote one of my former college professors, “face meet palm”.

Our school district is currently on the third week of standardized testing. They do this once at the beginning of the school year, and once again now. D- has been slowing down each week, sleeping less, eating less, more moody, increased irritability, blah, blah, blah, anxiety, depression, angst, lack of concentration. This is the second time the nurse called me this week. I had only one response, “I will be out the door in 10 minutes. Have her waiting.”

Standardized tests are not all they are cracked up to be. And the pressure they place on students is completely illogical.

Dear School District, stop stressing my kid until she becomes sick! Sincerely, one irate mamma.

Can anyone please explain to me why there is so much pressure placed on kids to get these high test scores? When I was a student, I did not like these tests. I argue about the with my teachers on a regular basis. I can be perfectly capable of showing my knowledge in a subject and still do terrible on a test. The reverse is also true. I can know nothing, but bullshit my way through a test and pass it. I have done the latter on numerous occasions. What do these tests actually prove?

I despise the fact that my daughter is so upset and feels so much pressure from these tests. She is normally a happy teenager. She enjoys school, does not overly complain about homework-no more than the average teen-she earns top grades in all of her classes. This amount of stress is not healthy for her. It does not help her education. It decreases her quality of life! Enough already with these stupid standardized tests!!!! I want all of my daughters to develop an healthy self-image of their capabilities and ability to learn. I want them to know that with time and dedication, they can learn just about any material placed in front of them. I do NOT want them stressing until they become ill. This is absolutely uncalled for and the perfect example of EPIC FAIL on behalf of the school district and curriculum.