I missed my Monday morning coffee post. There is a funny story behind it though. For the past week I have been alternating between back problems that are limiting every aspect of my life and high anxiety over a job interview. Yesterday was the day HR called to offer me the position!!!! I was so excited!! I actually had to put the lady on hold while I started shouting in joy and jumping up and down in my living room. She could hear me and was laughing. She said she appreciated my enthusiasm.  I was on such a joyous high, that I slammed a can of soda and ate 4 cup cakes in about 10 minutes. This resulted in a massive sugar rush so sever that I crashed. Since Q- was napping, I did not think twice. I just sat on the couch and the next thing I know I was out. The resulting nap did help, however, I still woke up with a killer headache and the shakes caused by the sugar rush. Lesson learned.

Over the past week I have also been baking more. And trying to cook more meals from scratch instead of from boxes. The result is way more dishes, the girls are eating better, A- is fighting more about what I am cooking, D- is taking more interest in learning to cook, and I am slowly starting to feel a little better in the energy department.

Admittedly I way over spent on the main weekly grocery shop. We are all so sick and tired of processed foods. I loaded the cart with fresh produce. The girls were diving into the bags as soon as I carried them into the house. They most definitely have their appetites back and I am glad to see it. J- is eating better as well. There are more options to pack in his lunch. He is getting more of a variety each day. Since his job requires him to be physically active for 8 hours or more, he needs fuel to keep going. There were a few weeks when everything was just canned this and processed that. He wasn’t eating as much, was more tired, started having stomach problems and was overly moody. Truthfully, the hit to my check book was more than we could afford this week; however, I just don’t care. The types of food were having been eating have been taking a toll on all of us and that will affect our health in the short term and long term. We needed the change, regardless of the cost.

Our community garden plot is now available. It opened up yesterday. Due to weather delays-such as a week of rainy, crappy weather- today will be our first day heading out and planning everything. It will be so awesome to have fresh veggies in just a few months. The girls have been planning which items they want. So far they have decided on carrots, peapods, green beans, and pumpkins. They have also request strawberries and raspberries. I want to include sweet potatoes and squash. They each planted seedlings in the kitchen last week. They are flowers, not food. Either way, the girls have started to pay attention to how things grow and are getting more excited to start in the garden. I started some cilantro seeds in the kitchen. The weather is far to unpredictable to plant them outside until around June. I love my kitchen window ledge. It is perfect for small plans of herbs. I know I have another small planter around here somewhere. As soon as I find it, I will be able to plant my thyme seeds as well. This is exciting.

D- is bouncing back from her anxiety issues from last week. She was overly tired for most of the weekend, however, she is doing much better now. As a family, we were able to spend time with some long time friends this weekend. J- was doing brick work on their house as a favor to them, our girls and their children were able to run around together, and we moms were able to visit like old times. I have known this woman and her husband since high school. She is just one of those people that I will always have in my life no matter what.

The past week has taken a toll on me physically. I have more doctor appointments schedule for this week.  My back is limiting daily activities and those limitations are causing problems. The pain was so sever, I woke up from a dead sleep at 5 am, screaming in pain. J- came running to check on me, resulting in him being a few minutes late for work this morning. He would not leave until he knew I could walk on my own. I need to get back into physical therapy to fix these issues before my new job starts. Job? Correction: my new Career!!! There are no words to describe how happy I am for this opportunity:) Now is not the best of times to be dealing with pinched nerves, yet it is better to deal now versus later.