Internet is up and running again! Originally, I thought it was down because I missed paying the bill on time. Nope. Turns out the modem did a factory update on its own and sent a message to the internet company to disable my signal. At least that is what tech support told me this morning. Three phone calls and 45 minutes later, back online!

How can people do so much from their phones? Trying to manage all of my emails from my phone drained my battery and made my head spin. The one attempt I made at posting to my blog caused a headache that lasted days. My vision blurred before I could finish the post. It amazes me to see everyone doing things from their phones. This is just something that I cannot do.

Things are the same around here. Nothing much as changed. The Kids Choir at church is wrapped up for the year. Tonight is the big spring picnic for the youth group. That means no more children’s activities on Wednesday evenings until late August. The girls are bouncing off the walls due to 11 days of rain. We had flash flood warnings by day 5. Any attempt to go outside was thwarted by Mother Nature. I wish they would see the rain the way I do. We needed it. The rain is washing away the built up grime from winter. It is feeding the grass and trees to help them wake up and get ready for summer. The rain is much needed by our environment if we want a green, healthy summer. The rain is the perfect time to get your monthly chores done. We all have those monthly chores; the ones you know will take most of the day and only really have to be done once every so many months. I keep them on rotating schedule and the two eldest have to help out. Of course, only D- actually helped me. A- found herself grounded and had to clean her bedroom without any help from the parents. We won’t talk about the results; sigh…

During the time my Internet was down, I wrote a few ideas long hand. I will post them this week sometime. They need some fine tuning and obvious grammar check, but I like them. One is depressing, but needs to be talked about. Q- has two more teeth trying to poke through. I can see the white tips of the points just broke the gum line. And she is biting everything. She refused breakfast for the last few mornings and first thing this morning, she went straight to the fridge asking for “turtle”. We keep two plastic teething chew toys in the fridge to stay cold and they are shaped like turtles. I thought she was going to bite straight it this morning.