Today’s gratitude topic is “start a conversation with your cashier”.

Running errands can be hectic and weekends are notoriously busy at grocery stores. The cashiers are often under paid and over worked. Customer service takes a large emotional toll on people.

While waiting in line to make my purchase, the cashier was getting attitude from the older lady in front of me. Her card was being declined and this was just not acceptable. The cashier never lost her smile, but it was becoming strained. She walked the older lady through the steps of trying it again, explaining it was probably just the computer running slow. I remember being in this exact situation numerous times when I worked as a cashier in a grocery store.

After all was fixed and the older lady took her grumpy self towards the exit, it was my turn. Just as I smiled at the cashier, a toddler in the next line let loose an ear shattering wail that made several people jump; including my cashier. She still NEVER lost her smile. I started a conversation with her while she rang up my items. Mainly just general questions: how is your day? Isn’t the weather beautiful? My cashier was pleasant and filled with smiles. She talked about how great the weather was for a holiday weekend. How she hoped all of her clients were able to enjoy time outside. She told me how she hoped everyone had a great day after they left the store. She sounded genuine.

I left the store with a smile on my face. A key factor of working customer service is a smile. Without this one small, all important fact, customer service goes downhill. Yes, it was a general conversation, nothing overly personal, yet she was great and her eyes lit up as we had a normal chat without complaints or snarky remarks. I am glad this topic was given to me. It hits home because of the number of years I worked customer service and I know how difficult it can be.

Something as simple as gratitude can impact your state of mind. Finding something positive can help improve my mood and hopefully that mood will continue through out the day. This is important to my overall wellness. I have to do something to help me survive my depression.