Here is the challenge: one good deed of gratitude each day and reflection about it.

A long time friend has told me that I am too negative and I need to change my perspective. So she has challenged me to a daily gratitude practice. Each day she will give me a topic. It is my job to act on it, think about it, pass it on to others and at the end of the day I am supposed to reflect on the action in my journal.

Saturday’s topic was “hug your child for no reason”.

As a mom, I hug my children all the time. Even when I wish they would stop hanging on me, if they want a hug they get one. The day of this topic, Q- was brushing her teeth like a big girl, not really needing my help at first. This is a big deal because she is only 2. She did a great job on her front teeth! She looked so happy and was proud of herself. I just reached out and gave her a big hug; toothbrush and all.

Reflection:  I love my girls, even when they drive me crazy. My dad gave me a hug every day of my memory, so I know it is important and will stay with all three of my daughters. The rest of my reflection is between my journal and I. Blogs are great, but some emotions are best left off of the Internet.  🙂