Yesterday’s gratitude task: walk around and pick up the trash.

I spent about an hour working our garden plot at the local community garden yesterday. The gates are left unlocked until 10 pm. I have no idea who was in the garden, but there was trash spread half way across the place. After I cleaned up my plot and took care of the plants I am hoping will eventually turn into veggies-cross fingers & hope-I started picking up the random debris. It only took an extra 10 minutes to clean it all up and toss it in the designated bin.

After dinner, J- was  giving our youngest a bath. Not a fun task when she is covered in pasta and Jell-O. I took this time to put away the toys left in the yard. Usually, I make the girls put their toys & bikes back in the shed, however, last night was full of cranky children and I need space from them. While putting away soccer balls, bikes and golf sets, I also picked up the candy wrappers that had blown into our yard.

The place next door was vacant until just this weekend. I normally picked up any trash that blew into our shared yard or into the front yard of that place. Yesterday was no different. The new neighbors must have seen me because they came out and introduced themselves. They seem like a nice young couple.

Reflection: Trash does not belong on the street, in the garden or in my yard. It does not belong in my neighbors yard either. Take 5 minutes and pick it up. Wellness? I was able to meet the new neighbors. It felt good to be doing something besides dishes and laundry. And the way the yard and street are starting to look brings a smile to people’s faces.