Today’s gratitude task: Smile at a stranger.

Normally this is nothing new to me. However, today is gray and cloudy. This means I was not hiding behind my sunglasses like usual. Outside of my home I practically live in my shades. First, they help reduce headaches and second, they help shield me from direct eye contact with people. You know the old saying, “the eyes are the window to the soul”. I like to keep my covered.

While at the clinic today for a quick appointment, I smiled at an older lady in the elevator. She went from pretending that I was not sharing the same closet sized space with her, to smiling back and saying hello to Q-. My shy baby girl actually smiled and said hello back. My heart could have skipped a beat! Q- has never cared for strangers and likes them even less if they talk to her. Unless you come to our house, she considers you a stranger and will act like you are invisible. This experience was a huge mile stone for her. She starts daycare soon and this will help the transition a little. I hope.

Reflection: We all left the elevator smiling. We all walked to our respective clinic appointments with a smile. Could those smiles have spread to others?

What are your reflections?