How was the weekend? Umm…

J- and I had a nasty argument last week that resulted in not being able to speak to each other for days. I spent most of last week sleeping on the couch just to avoid him. He spent the weekend at his mom’s just so we could have some space. This meant he was drunk all weekend. He was supposed to come home on Saturday, but was completely hammered by noon and then informed me he would be home first thing Sunday morning. It was almost lunch before he returned home. We finally were able to begin speaking again yesterday. Tensions are still running high, however, we are at least on speaking terms.

D- is still upset with her dad, and avoiding him like the plague. He seems to forget that I am not the only person who can become upset. He will not talk to her about the situation and believes that she is just a child and it is none of her business. Plus a family member promised to take her to see a movie and then never showed up, never called, nothing. D- had canceled plans with a close friend just to spend time with this family member and then they forgot about it. When I spoke with this person on the phone, they offered no apologies, no regret. Just a simple, I forgot. My daughter is really down and emotional right now and I feel helpless.

Monday was rough on me. Memorial Day is emotional for me. The news played taps during their broadcast and I burst out in tears. For just a moment, I could see myself standing in the cemetery watching my Dad being lowered into the ground, while soldiers played taps. It hurt in ways no words can describe. There have been too many people I have known in my life. This makes Memorial Day heart wrenching.

A- was able to spend time with her friends from the next block and take time to practice riding her bike. We are trying to teach her how without training wheels. This is not going well. Q- met the little boy that just moved in next door with his family. She is super excited and tried going home with him and his mom. Too cute! She even shared her soccer ball with him right away.

I was able to take time this weekend for a few shows I wanted to watch, get in some extra reading while the girls ran around the yard. Who knew a $5 princess golf set would keep them entertained for so many hours? Unfortunately, the soccer net is damaged beyond repair. Since the frame is still good, we might be able to just replace the net. A- has developed a wicked kick. And Q- tried to ride her tricycle through the net.

The girls are happy they have less than 8 days of school left. D- is making plans to spend as much time with her friends as possible this summer. Part of me feels like I am losing my baby girl. The other part of me worries because her friends do not make the best choices and D- follows her friends more often than not. Rejection does not sit well with her.

A highlight of the weekend was having coffee with a friend from high school. We worked together at a restaurant a few years after graduation, but eventually lost touch. Yesterday we were able to meet up. It was great!

Nothing on the ‘honey-do’ list was completed last week. And this week he has overtime, plus working this coming Saturday. My personal to-do list was long last week. I surprised myself with how much I accomplished. Part of it was driven by anger, since I was avoiding J- as much as possible. Part of it was because I gave certain chores to the older two girls and told them to help with chores or spend the weekend electronics free. This includes no TV. It provided the encouragement they needed to complete their chores.