WOW!! Trying to get my laptop fixed for a price I can actually afford is one of the most difficult things I have had to do in the realm of electronics!

Finally, as of today, my laptop is up and running again. Yay!!!! This girl is happy 🙂

We have had tons of changes lately. This weekends project has been painting D- bedroom. She picked out the colors herself. An off-white as the main color, with hot pink as the accent color. Not my choice, but it is not my room. This is something we are doing for her as a birthday present. The two of us have been painting all weekend. The base color is finished and just about ready for taping. Then we are on to the hot pink color. With any luck and more patients than I truly have, we should have it all done within the next few days.

The painting is taking longer than we had originally expected because I am back to work full-time now. Add to the delay, she decided not to pack up all of her belongings like we had asked her to on numerous occasions. We are trying to paint around her things without ruining them.

This is just a quick update. Now that I know my laptop is back online, I will make a few more updates later tonight and throughout the week.