I feel so special! I received a notification that I have 11 followers!

To be honest, when I started this blog, I did it for myself and never thought anyone would ever read it, let alone follow it. I know my posts are not refined and yes, I know I ramble terribly. But that is just how my mind runs.

I read a few articles about how to write a blog. They all say that I should have one focus. I should have a product to sell or a service to provide. I should write about something that I am an expert at.

Well, the only thing I am an expert at is surviving each day while dealing with mental illness and trying not to fall apart while doing it. Does that count?

Regardless of what the experts say, I know from personal experience that mental illness comes in many forms and each person deals with their own demons in their own way. The fact that over 10 people are following along as I write random junk that holds meaning to me, means a lot. Maybe one day I will share this blog with my friends. As of right now, only one close person knows about this and she does not follow. She wants me to write freely without fear of being judged or worrying that my posts will change our friendship. She has a great amount of understanding for my mood swings and tolerates me better than most people I have ever known. Even my husband knows nothing about this and has never read it.

To those following, thanks. It means a lot.