Teenagers are a special kind of challenge. Each stage of a child’s life is a challenge for parents. However, teenage years are in league all their own.

She wants more privileges, more freedom. She wants to learn more and be more independent. Yet she cannot remember to brush her teeth or feed her cat! As her father stands at the kitchen sink to begin washing dishes, she says “oh! I forgot to wash the dishes!” Then she walks away to her room and forgets the entire episode; leaving her father to wash the dishes. He, in turn, leaves them for me to wash. Only two loads tonight!

Her mouth has gotten out of hand. She used it on her Godmother, her sister’s babysitter, a friends parent, a family friend and us. And that list is just since Saturday morning! The last time I grounded her, she called her Grandmother and listen to that woman talk trash about me and call me abusive!

First off, do not tell me I don’t know what it is like to be a teenager. I was one once, and I was not a picnic for my Dad. Secondly, if you are a grandparent, please do not fill a child’s head with crap about how their parents are abusive due to grounding. Miss Thang Teenager, you broke the rules and were disrespectful to numerous people. Count your blessings that grounding was all that happened.