Happy Saturday all!  It is before 7am and I am enjoying my coffee in peace and quiet. My children are still sleeping and I have a few more minutes for my own pursuits before I start getting ready for work.

Today is raining, grey and chilled. I love it! The transition from summer to fall is beautiful! Some days are warm and sunny, others are cold and grey. This time of year is tied for my second favorite. The cold heart of winter is, of course, my number one favorite time of year. The change into spring is the other second choice.

I feel calmer lately. Perhaps it is the depression meds kicking in or perhaps it is because I am back to work and I love my job! And I have accomplished so much more around the house than I felt I have all summer long. I choose to believe it is a combination all of three. D- bedroom re-decoration is almost complete. Just need to put up the wall mounted shelves and a few pictures that are important to her. Then her room is finished! Except for the closet. She is happy and loves spending time in her room with her friends. I think it is now the nicest room in the whole place. As for her closet, that will come in October. We are buying her a closet organizer since she has the tiniest one in the whole place.

The kitchen is still a work in progress. I cannot decide how to organize it. Each time I think I have everything put away, I unpack another box from storage and find more stuff. At least half of what I unpack has been going to the thrift store. Each week I deep clean one room for two hours. After that time limit, I am done with deep cleaning. And each time, I find more items to send off to the thrift store. This is good news. My storage unit is only 1/3 full now. This means it is almost empty! I will not be paying for it much longer!! Happy, happy days! Perhaps my time frame of no more storage unit by October will become a reality. It will save me $150 a month.

Mornings like this one are rare. The quiet, the peace, the hot coffee and my own thoughts. They are allowed to flow freely. No demands to be met, no whining to hear. Mornings like this one allow me the chance to clear my mind and regroup. Now it is time to get moving and start my day.

Hear is hoping everyone has a peaceful weekend!