In one week, my oldest two children will be back to school! This mom is currently celebrating with a nice glass of wine and some blog time.

D- is entering high school. This year I am going to bite the bullet and pay to rent a Chromebook from the school. This district requires everything to be done on a Chromebook-no exceptions. I do not entirely agree with it, especially since we are not where we want to be financially. One more bill is just not what we need right now. At least it is a bill well worth it. Her education is more important to us. Besides, she needs to increase her computer skills. The ability to play video games on four different consoles is NOT something to list on a job application.

A- is entering First Grade. She is so excited. She has been talking about it all summer and cannot wait for the first day. She still has that youthful enthusiasm of loving school and not seeing the negatives that so many older children see in it. Part of me still has that same feeling. A- tells everyone this year is going to be great because she will get to see old friends and make new ones as well. She has no fear of the unknown.

As for us adults, we see this as a time for the girls to burn more energy, get back into their routines, make things calmer for the entire family, and save money on the cost of daycare. The girls will have the opportunity to be involved in their school activities again. Both are already talking about them. Karate for D- and now A-, soccer, girl scouts, church youth group will be starting again in three weeks.

We are limiting the number of activities this year. Three days a week will be family time and no extras. This will make life easier on all of us. I hope. Each school year brings new things the girls can do and new things they can learn. I love to see them learning! I love to see them reading new books or talking about a new thing they learned in school that day. It makes it worth it to come home from work and pull another five hours on my feet, after an 8 hour shift at work.