Today’s challenge: list one reason you are grateful for each person in your home.

J- I am grateful for you when you rub lotion on my feet because I am tired and they are sore.

D- I am grateful for you because you find the bright side in everything in life.

A- I am grateful for you because you always have a story to tell.

Q- I am grateful for you because you are my little Bright Eyes. My cuddly, little baby girl.

Truthfully, I am grateful for my entire family for numerous reason. Just listing one seems almost trivial, however, it is a starting place. And sometimes I just need that reminder. Especially when we are going through stressful times or the children are not getting along or they are making poor choices.

With our work schedules, J- and I have not had a real chance to connect or spend time with each other. That remedy is in the works. My PTO for that day has already been approved and the babysitter just confirmed today.

With both of us working, the girls are having to be more responsible and I love to see them grow in this way. It is amazing! Who would have that they could be independent? Mom! That’s who!!

Now I challenge you to take on this daily gratitude challenge 🙂