Adults in general lead busy lives with hectic schedules. We all feel pressure at one time or another for various reasons. A good friend of mine just started her morning with a facebook post stating “NOT enough hours in the day!!!”. It was before 7am when she posted this.

As a single mom of two children, she also works full-time. Like so many other parents, she is in the middle of back to school preparations, work, last minute back to school check-ups at the clinic and she is being asked to work overtime. If she lived closer, I would go over and make dinner for her and the children. However, my own family responsibilities make it impossible to make the 3 hour drive to help her.

As for me, the youngest two are now at daycare, D- is getting ready to spend the day with a friend. They are having a last hooray day to celebrate the end of summer. This means she will spend the day playing video games and riding bikes. Go for it, honey! My day will be a trip to the library to return their books, meeting a friend for a child-free lunch, laundry, dishes, running errands and with any luck, going to bed early.

I wonder how so many other people maintain such chaotic schedules and still maintain their sanity. Stress gives me energy, however, it also drains me and makes me cranky. Stress is my double edged sword. I know too many people that feel like they must do everything on their own. Even I feel like I am alone most of the time. Is this normal? Is it just how life goes? Are we supposed to feel alone, stressed and busy all of the time?