Today’s gratitude challenge: Think of someone that does a lot to help you and tell them you appreciate all they do.

This answer hit me like a ton of bricks: daycare ladies.

All of the people at our daycare are female. They all work long hours, with tons of children, they always have a smile when I show up and my children love them. This morning I watched as Q- gave her room teacher a big hug and a huge smile. A- had already ran off to her own room to see her room teacher. My daughters love going to daycare and they love their room teachers so much.

They are working on learning how to share, read, colors, shapes and every other age appropriate thing they typically do at daycare. But they are also learning how to make friends and learning how to trust other adults besides mom and dad. This is huge!!! They need to feel comfortable around other adults, like teachers and police officers, so they know someone will always be around to help when they need it.

So, as I was leaving my happy little girls in their respective rooms, I told the staff “I hope you know how appreciated you are for all you do. It is important to my family”. One lady actually blushed when I said that.

Who could you list on this challenge?