Nothing like enjoying my morning coffee and doing a little writing 🙂

Yesterday was a busy day and going to bed early did not happen. On the plus side, I did get numerous things accomplished. Soon, I have to run out of the door to head to work and tomorrow is overtime. That means an even earlier start to my day. But I like the extra pay.

A- is super excited. She had open house last night at her school. She is going into the 1st Grade and she thinks her new teacher is the “bestest”. She has her own locker this year, a fancy name tag at her table and she sits right next to two of her friends from last year. At bedtime last night, A- told me she wished school started in the morning. She made my heart melt.

Q- was loving the open house until we had to leave. Then she was even more upset because she wanted to have a locker and see her teacher. Try explaining to a 2 year old that she is too young to go to elementary school. And the screaming, tantrum throwing meltdown began. Although Q- was happy to see her new backpack for preschool. Her daycare is moving her to the preschool class in the next two months. She is required to have her own backpack. A- also got a new backpack for school this year. It has its own lunchbox that clips on to it. It is the greatest, just ask her.

At the moment, there is really nothing pressing on my mind. J- had an 11 hour day yesterday and still came home to give the girls a bath and he actually helped with some of the dishes. And he fixed an outlet that would not stay on. It had a lose wire. D- spent the day with her friend, then came home to find new library books. The next hour was spent curled up in the front yard with her nose in a book. That simple act made me feel so proud of her. With her autism, reading has always been a struggle for her. Over the last two years, she has made more progress than she ever did before. It took plenty of hard work and tons of tears, but she is almost reading at grade level.