Minnehaha Falls Regional Park. Not stroller friendly.

We all went today as a family outing. Perfect hiking trails, even with little ones in tow. We loved it! Hiking, picnicking, photos and even the playground at the end.6-10-12 (2).JPG

The Falls plunge 53 feet down and flow until it meets the Mississippi River. This feature photo was from the first time we went several years ago. Today was only our second adventure to this spot of natural beauty. We played in the flowing water and got to see little fish of some kind swimming around our feet.

Next week I will be able to upload new photos from this trip. The scenery is stunning and the girls had a blast. We brought a family friend with us. It was his first trip to this public park. He loved it! He cannot wait for our next outing to some place else.

We packed a picnic lunch for all of us, loaded up in the truck and off we went. Tomorrow will probably see me a little sore from all of that walking and hiking. Part of the trails require the younger two to be carried for safety reasons, but they still enjoyed the entire activity. D- was all over and took pics with her new camera from her step-Grandfather. She is turning into an avid photographer of natural settings.