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By Eric Perry, PhD-c

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“I have everything I need in my daydreams. A big home, fast car, money and tons of good friends. I could never have that in my so-called real life so why try?” ~Anonymous

Maladaptive day dreaming is a psychological concept that was first introduced in 2002 by Eli Somer, a clinical psychologist who specializes in traumatized patients. Dr. Somer found that patients who suffer early trauma regularly escape into a world of imagination where they fantasize compensatory empowering stories. Through these stories they live a life full of experiences they were missing or missed in their real lives. Somer named this phenomenon “Maladaptive daydreaming.” In 2011, another study by Jayne Bigelsen and Cynthia Schupack showed maladaptive daydreaming in individuals who had no childhood trauma. It appears that this form of day dreaming is wide-spread and practiced by many.

Maladaptive daydreaming is currently a psychological…

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