After a very long day at work on Saturday and an unexpected phone call from someone I do not get along with, today was a day that started out really rough. Woke up feeling sick, took the girls to church. Right as services started, my phone started blowing up. A person I have no spoken to in almost three years started to blow up my phone and would not stop until I answered. This, added to the stress of the previous night, triggered a panic attack and I had to leave.

I was shaking, could not catch my breath and the room was spinning. After loading the girls up in the truck, we headed home. I have not left the house since. The stress hit me so hard that I started to dry heave as soon as I walked in the door. I am currently feeling better. Laundry was tackled, dishes are mostly done, baking, baking, dinner and meal prep for the next two days have been accomplished. Garbage and recycling are out and I have cleared out about 100 e-mails. Plus the checkbook is balanced; with a depressing result.

J- was very understanding about my anxiety today. He took it upon himself to grab my shopping list and run to the store with Q-.

Overall, this was a busy weekend and numerous things were accomplished. Next on my list is to try to relax for the evening and go to bed early. How was everyone else’s weekend?