I write this as I sit in the dark in the kitchen, listening to Q- snore on her Daddy’s chest. The lights must be off right now to keep her calm. She has her two-year molars coming in and just woke up crying “my mouth hurts”.

Truth be told, all three of the girls are teething. Q- has her two-year molars, A- has her six-year molars and a few cavities, and D- has her last molars coming in. The older two have been to the dentist this month and A- is going back in a few weeks for fillings. She also lost her first tooth and has two more ready to fall out any day now. You would not believe the excited we had after the Tooth Fairy visited her! We had dancing before breakfast and lots of jumping around.

Any minute now, J- is going to fall asleep, hunched over on the couch with Q- in his arms, drooling on his chest. Nights like this are special. My family is content for the moment. Dental pain aside, it is always a special thing when my girls are still young enough to curl up in our arms and sleep. Cherish these moments.