Spring is finally coming. Last weekend we had a blizzard. We had 24 inches of snow in 24 hours. My restaurant was closed for a day and a half. I lost hours on my paycheck. I am okay with that.

Now there is no trace of snow left. The change in weather has brought with it a change in my children’s behavior-and not for the better. All three are edgy, hyper, moody. Their eating habits have changed and so have their sleep patterns. They are no longer willing to sit at the dinner table. Now, they want food they can hold in their hand and run with. They are only asking for snack foods. A- refused to eat dinner the other night and told me that I am not allowed to send her to bed hungry. I told her to eat the food that was right in front of her. The response: “No. I want snacks and candy!”

All three of them are having trouble falling asleep and none of them are able to sleep through the night anymore. At 3, 7, and 14, they should all sleep through the night. I can hear them tossing and turning shortly before they wake up sometime after midnight. Not even spending the better part of  hours outside this past Sunday helped any of them sleep.

J- is more active than he has been in months. He craves the warmer weather and being outside. His days are longer, he is working more and he is less engaged at home. He does not realize how disconnected he has become from all of us. When we tried to have conversation about it the other day, he became short tempered and walked out. He claimed he did not have time for this crap and had work to do.

With nicer weather comes more arguments about chores. The girls have never been compliant when it comes to chores. Now the answer is a flat out NO! They are supposed to be outside, not inside cleaning. They are supposed to play with toys, not put them away. They are supposed to get dirty, not vacuum their bedrooms.

Seasonal changes have never been easy for me either. During the spring and summer, I spend less time outside. I have less energy. My body hurts more and my moods are always lower. Summer is always so loud. Constant noise and activity. This time of year my anxiety runs at full speed ahead and will not slow down until there is frost on the ground again.

I am not sure why, but I have never liked the warmer seasons. I love the cold, the snow, the dark, the ice. The only part about summer that I enjoy are dark thunderstorms. My children on the other hand are like their father. They love this time of year. They become filled with energy. They leave me exhausted by 9 am.