Dishes!!! AARRGGGG! They are never ending. Even with a dishwasher, there is a never ending heap of dirty dishes in my kitchen at all times.

I have never liked dishwashers. I do not like the idea of washing dishes just to put them inside of the machine. I do not want to scrub a pan just to load it into a machine. As a child, I wanted one. Dishes have been my assigned chore since I was 5 years old. Dad told me to push a chair up to the sink because it was time to learn. Dishes are the worst chore by far in my opinion.

As a family of five, washing dishes by hand means standing at the sink morning, noon and night. So this past Christmas, J- got me a dishwasher. Most of my bakeware and pots and pans still have to be done by hand. The girls have become so reliant on the machine, they no longer are willing to put away the clean dishes without a fight and promises they will be grounded.

I would rather scrub the bathroom. Most days I feel like I am the only one that knows how to clean a dish. Or load the machine. Even J- leaves his stuff in the sink, waiting for me to take care of it. No idea why, but this is the most dreaded chore there is for me and it causes the most problems.

Now I understand what I put my own dad through while I was growing up. The non-stop arguments and whining about doing my chores. The refusals to clean up after myself in the kitchen. Sorry dad.

What is your most dreaded chore to do?