My life is drowning in e-mails 😦  Whatever happened to the good old days of written letters?

In my attempts to become more organized, I have spent the last week focusing on cleaning out my inbox. Roughly 500 e-mails have been dealt with and deleted. Another 2,147 to go. Sigh…

Our school district is entirely online. Homework, parent updates, newsletters, calendars, etc. We did not have internet at home for the last 7 months. No matter how many times I tried to communicate with the school about the lack of internet and the need for actual papers to be sent home, the answer was no. The girls missed out on several school activities that they wanted to attend because I was not aware of them, nor could I sign them up and pay the registration fees.

Since we live out in the boon docks, internet is slow and we only have two provider options-unless we are willing to pay for satellite. For low income families, this is a struggle and a burden on our budgets. Many of my neighbors have commented on the same thing. The school feels online is the best way to go and suggests we try the public library. This is not always an option. When is the last time the teachers went to the library with a hyper active 3 year old? She will not sit still while I work on the computer for 30 minutes.

On the plus side, we now have internet at home again and this is making communications easier. I am finally digging into my e-mails and trying to play catch up. My Avon business is getting a boost because I can actually login to it again. In general, I see this as a step forward. And having 500 less e-mails to deal with is a great feeling 🙂

My e-mail goal for this week is to address another 500 of them before the end of this coming weekend. See how many are just junk-and actually label them as such. See how many are truly important and need a response.

How do you wade through your e-mails? What is your biggest challenge when looking at e-mails? I am always open to suggestions to help tackle them.