This rings true in my life. I have lost friends due to suicide.


Q. Why should I live when I am feeling low in my life? (As asked by someone).



Life is very precious to us

It need not be wasted

Because of this life of ours

Has been bestowed by our Creator

With a lot of expectations

That during this life

 Granted to the person concerned

Has a definitive purpose

And that is to perform

His/her duty with utmost sincerity

Without attaching to the fruits of action

During that period we are endowed.

During this period granted to us

We’ve to remain within the confines

Of emotional balance

When our emotions go berserk

And we want to cut short our lives

When facing some hardships

And want to down our own life’s ship

With a torpedo of our own making

Of which we’ve got no right at all to take

A precious gift without any doubt

Provided to…

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