OCD Rant Alert!

Seriously people! If your socks and underwear have holes in them, toss them in the trash!!

No idea why, but this irritates me beyond words. Never in my life have I been able to wear socks or underwear with holes in them. Each time I do laundry, I toss out these items. J- will wear socks with holes and think nothing of it. Then he complains about blisters on his feet or red sore spots from his work boots rubbing on his skin. Hello! Don’t wear socks with holes and this can be avoided!!

Of course, today as I do more laundry, what do I find? Socks with holes and underwear that look like Swiss Cheese? How do my children get so many holes in their underwear?

I have no expectations that the younger two girls will understand this as of now. However, my teenager and husband should realize they just need to toss these items out; not leave them for mom. I am not washing clothing items that belong in the garbage can.

Why do people wear socks with holes? What purpose does it serve? Yes, this actually bothers me to the point of it being listed as one of my OCD triggers. I do not feel I am asking too much in this area. Just toss them out and let me know when you need more. I know how to shop.

J- responds with he just does not pay attention and it does not bother him. D- responds with, you do it for me. I feel deflated.