The goal was 500 more e-mails gone through, sorted and/or deleted. I accomplished 700! E-mail challenge

This is a huge thing for me. Procrastination is normal for me. Especially when I am in one of my moods. The fact that I stuck with this, regardless of the mood I have been in lately, encourages me to keep working on small tasks.

This week my goal is to deal with another 200 e-mails. Yes, I have been avoiding my inbox since October of 2017. Add to this the fact that I manage a private group share site for one of A- activities. This site is the main source of communication for all the families involved in this activity. That means tons of e-mails weekly. Most of them being sent automatically from the site as I do the updates and answer any posted questions.

I also manage a family shared site. A great way for some family members who live out of state to still be involved with what is going on with our girls. We prefer to share info on this private site instead of facebook. Of course, some items are posted on social media, but I prefer the privacy. It just makes me feel a little safer when I share private family info and pics of the girls.

While working on this goal, I have decided to unsubscribe to a few e-mails that I have never really paid any attention to. This is also going to help. A few others have been marked as spam. This is great because I no longer see them! Also this week, I am working on setting up folders to help sort them and keep track of which ones I actually need, versus just keeping them all.