How often do people really think about their bath towels?

Yesterday, while doing the fifth load of laundry for the day, I realized my bath towels are older than my children. As I was folding my towels, I had to reach for scissors to cut the loose strings dangling from each one of them. One towel is almost torn in half from all the use and how old it is.

This is when I realized that I bought these towels when I moved into my first apartment. That was 16 years ago! They are faded, worn out, have holes, have tears and stains. Don’t ask if my dish towels are still white.

This is just something that I have never thought about before. Each year, my daughters are given new beach towels for a gift from one of the grandparents. Of course, the girls insist on using them as bath towels, beach towels, yard blankets during BBQ’s, and sometimes blankets for their baby dolls. However, the bulk of our hand towels and bath towels were bought ages ago and they are definitely showing it.

What is the average life span of a towel? This summer might just be a good time to add a little more to savings. During the back to school/college rush we have in August and September, linens are on sale everywhere. Might be a good investment for us.

Since I am trying very hard to become more organized and less of a packrat, this could be an important step. Why keep things that are old and tatty? Yes, they still work; we get dry after a shower. Yet, they are old and they are not all in one piece anymore.

How often do other people refresh their bath linens? This is new territory for me, so any thoughts would be great 🙂